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2019年7月23日學術報告(張黔 教授,香港科技大學)
2019年07月18日09時 人評論

報告題目:Ubiquitous Communication and Sensing in the age of IoT



報告人:張黔 教授

報告人單位: 香港科技大學


Dr. Zhang joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in Sept. 2005 where she is now Tencent Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. She is also serving as the co-director of Huawei-HKUST innovation lab and the director of digital life research center of HKUST. Before that, she was in Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, from July 1999, where she was the research manager of the Wireless and Networking Group. Dr. Zhang has published more than 400 refereed papers in international leading journals and key conferences, with a total of over 21000 citations, an H-index of 78 according to Google Scholar Citations. She is the inventor of more than 50 granted and 20 pending International patents. Her current research interests include Internet of Things (IoT), smart health, mobile computing and sensing, wireless networking, as well as cyber security. Her research style is interdisciplinary in general.

She is a Fellow of IEEE for "contribution to the mobility and spectrum management of wireless networks and mobile communications". Dr. Zhang has received MIT TR100 (MIT Technology Review) world’s top young innovator award. She received several Best Paper Awards in international conferences. She received the Oversea Young Investigator Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2006. She held the Cheung Kong Chair Professor (長江講座教授) in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2012-2015).


Sensing and communication are two essential modules for IoT world. In this talk, I will share with you some of the recent research progress related to ubiquitous communication and ubiquitous sensing, respectively. In the field of ubiquitous communication, some efforts related to battery-free device communication and secure IoT communication will be covered. In the field of ubiquitous sensing, contact-less sensing leveraging wireless radio and visible/invisible light will be briefly discussed. Finally I will share with you an exciting direction which target at enabling sensing and communication simultaneously.

邀請人:陳艷姣 研究員


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